About me

I am a Data Scientist at Zymergen, Inc. after having a full career as a mathematics professor. At Zymergen, my work is part of 2 pending patents, and is focused on simultaneously increasing the information we get (using statistical rigor and machine learning best practices) and reducing the time it takes us to get that information. Check out my industry resume, and some of the data science work I've done.

Insight Data Science fueled my transition from academia to industry. Most recently, I was the program lead for mathematics and statistics at Oregon State University and chair of the mathematics department at Colorado College .

Independent and Public Projects

Robots, Biology and Unsupervised Model Selection PyBay, 2018

H2OhNo! A consulting project for Valor Water Analytics

Predicting Fates of Shelter Animals

Side project for Insight preparation.

Auditing Signature Judges

Side project for a Colorado county elections office.

Academic Research

Developing a Statistically Powerful Measure for Phylogenetic Tree Inference using Phylogenetic and Markov Invariants

The link points to the simulation code for testing the measures in our paper. A link to the arXiv will be here soon.

Want more?

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Here is a copy of my resume.